Video: Taiwan Report News Brief (04-16-2020) Changing China Airlines is happening, and it’s not so hard after all

Taiwan gets two more imported coronavirus cases and considers mandatory testing of some returnees. Bank customers wearing a face mask soon will no longer be assumed to be bank robbers. South Korea to the rescue in central America. The supreme court upholds a life sentence; NPP lawmaker wants the death penalty. NPP proposes stronger sanctions on United Front infiltration. DPP lawmaker Kao Chia-yu gets smacked for standing up to her party. Some mixed but fascinating business reports. US military shows more support for Taiwan. That NYT Times ad seems to have worked. Taiwan pays a 150-year-old Scottish debt. Significant changes afoot for China Airlines as creative ideas flow on how to tackle the challenges. As always, all English articles used in the report are linked to on our website

Taiwan Report News Brief is a daily show of news with analysis and context, providing the listener with a better understanding of Taiwan, especially in politics and foreign affairs. It is also intended to bring the listener up to speed on the week’s events for our weekly analysis show, Current Affairs Taiwan (CAT).

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