Taiwan News: Chinese promoter’s request to pull video featuring Pres. Tsai

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) — Popular Taiwanese YouTuber Potter King (波特王) has denied a request from his Chinese partner to remove a video featuring President Tsai Ing-wen (蔡英文) after it went viral. In a video titled “First person in the world to flirt with a president” posted on Saturday (Dec. 14), Potter King and his team […]

Taipei Times: 2020 Elections: DPP to make push in final weeks

… For the final two weekends of December, the DPP will concentrate on Taipei and New Taipei City, with Vice President Chen Chien-jen (陳建仁) and Lai riding in motorcades on Dec. 22, in a push for DPP legislative candidates, said a DPP insider who declined to be identified. For weekend of Dec. 29, the party […]

Taiwan Today: Three TV policy presentations set for presidential election

Three televised policy presentations will be staged later this month for the three candidates contesting the 15th ROC (Taiwan) presidential election, according to the Cabinet-level Central Election Commission Dec. 11. The first event is set for Dec. 18 at 7 p.m. and will be broadcast by Chinese Television System Inc., with the other two on […]

Taipei Times: 2020 ELECTIONS: Whole world watching vote due to HK events: president

… “The world wants to see what Taiwanese will decide. [The international community is] concerned that what has been taking place in Hong Kong might happen in Taiwan as well,” she told the crowds. Speaking about China’s “one country, two systems” formula, Tsai said: “This is not an option for Taiwanese.” “Hong Kongers have taken […]

Taipei Times: Tsai boosts support, approval rating: survey

… Tsai has boosted her approval rating and improved support for her re-election bid in the past few months, with the latest poll showing that she would win 51 percent of the vote against 31 percent for Han, the Chinese Nationalist Party’s (KMT) candidate, foundation executive director Lin Yi-cheng (林宜正) said. If Taipei Mayor Ko […]

Taipei Times: Presidential Office’s Ting to sue Ko over corruption comment

Presidential Office spokesman Ting Yun-kung (丁允恭) yesterday said that he would sue Taipei Mayor Ko Wen-je (柯文哲) over his accusation that people around President Tsai Ing-wen (蔡英文) are corrupt. On Monday, Ko said that although Tsai is not corrupt herself, “everyone around you [Tsai] is knee-deep in graft.” …

Taiwan News: Taiwan president touts first balanced budget in 22 years

… Despite the fact that her administration had launched several programs to improve basic infrastructure, it still succeeded in submitting a balanced budget to the Legislative Yuan, the Central News Agency quoted Tsai as saying. This year, her administration drew up a budget for 2020 without any red, striking a balance between expenses and revenue, […]

Taipei Times: Apologize or show proof, Presidential Office tells Ko

Although President Tsai Ing-wen (蔡英文) is not involved in corruption, the people around her are corrupt, Taipei Mayor Ko Wen-je (柯文哲) said yesterday, drawing a rebuke from the Presidential Office, which demanded that he apologize if he could not present evidence to back his remarks. Ko made the statement earlier yesterday at a news conference […]

Current Affairs Taiwan (CAT) 6.09.2019 Pilot 03 w/Guest Tanner Greer (葛天樂)

This week on CAT we are very excited to have as guest the scholar and author Tanner Greer (葛天樂), the man behind The Scholar’s Stage (see link in comments). He appears off-camera as a disembodied voice because of a blood pledge made with his fellow frogmen on a mission in Afghanistan. This week hosts Courtney […]