Video: Taiwan Report News Brief (04-12-2020) Zero cases! Errr Singapore, Taiwan Airlines gets more support

Taiwan marks the first day in a long time with zero new coronavirus cases! Taiwan has the lowest cases per million of any country in the world. The CECC considers a widespread community outbreak of the type we see around the world might be unlikely in Taiwan. Virus test kits with fast turnarounds could be coming in July, which could be a big boost towards getting back to normal. The govt is creating tons of part-time jobs. Taiwan’s airport mulls shutting down one terminal. Singapore’s first lady gets Taiwan’s media into a sling. More international support for Taiwan. Taiwanese place ad in NYT, but was it worth it the money? Taiwanese baseball to be broadcast in English. Again, very mixed news on the economic front. Taiwan’s military to go Iron Man. Czech courts recognize Taiwanese aren’t safe in Chinese prisons. And the national carrier name debate heats up.

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