TFI Post: ‘Not Chinese, but Taiwanese investors allowed,’ For the first time India has denounced One-China policy

There are several odd things in this article.
For one thing, many if most countries already treat Taiwanese differently, regardless of having a “One China” policy.
For example, Taiwanese passport holders get visa-free entry into far more countries than Chinese.
Treating Taiwanese differently as investors is also quite common, and hardly amounts to a “denunciation.”
This also says that this is the first time that India is going to denounce the “One China” policy.
India has been prickly on this issue in the past due to China’s occupation of territory India claims, though not sure that denouncing it would be the way to describe it.
However, if this is not hyperventilated journalism, and India really did denounce the “One China” policy, that would be big news.

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