Taiwan Report News Brief (04-05-2020) Should Taiwan’s passports read “Chunghua Minkuo”?

The CECC sends messages to crowded areas to tell people to keep away from each other and other coronavirus updates. The Taipei Times runs an editorial with creative ideas on how to build consensus on a new name for China Airlines and what to replace the “Republic of China” with on the passports. The second stage results of the Han recall signature drive will be announced in less than two weeks. Foreign Minister Wu takes Hong Kong to task. Some citizens are pushing Taiwan to go to the moon, and finally, a strict application of police procedures leads to a situation that seems more like a parody. As always, all English articles used in the report are linked to on our website Report.tw

Taiwan Report News Brief is a daily show of news with analysis and context, providing the listener with a better understanding of Taiwan, especially in politics and foreign affairs. It is also intended to bring the listener up to speed on the week’s events for our weekly analysis show, Current Affairs Taiwan (CAT).

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