Taiwan Report 12.16.2019, flirting with president, Love River love motel, cabinet, F-16s, free press

This is an inaugural, trial run of what may become a several times a week 10 minute report. Unlike an ICRT news report (which we recommend you listen to throughout the day) this is intended to provide context on political and foreign affairs topics, and to provide background information for our longer weekly show Current Affairs Taiwan.
Topics covered in this show include popular Youtuber Potter King puts out a video with him flirting with President Tsai Ing-wen–but promoter in China objects to her being called “president”. King stands firm, foregoing lots of money to protect the president’s dignity…in a video of him flirting with her. Also, KMT presidential nominee says failure to attract any investors for his promised Kaohsiung “Love River Love Ferris wheel” is the fault of the port authority and Minister of Transportation Lin Chia-lung, a poll shows that Su Tseng-chang’s cabinet’s satisfaction rating in up and the most popular and widely known cabinet minister is Minister of Transportation Lin Chia-lung, Taiwan’s AIDC signs a deal with US defence giant Lockheed Martin to build an F-16 maintenance centre in Taichung and why that is potentially a big deal, and the CPJ report on Communist China’s United Front efforts to undermine press freedom in Hong Kong.

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