Podcast: Current Affairs Taiwan 台灣時事 #32 02-10-2020 PRC infiltration, Han recall, Coronavirus, Mike Pompeo…

Michael Turton (麥哲恩) is back from vacation, and he and co-host Courtney Donovan Smith (石東文) bring a wide-ranging show. The government responds well to the Wuhan coronavirus, a few comments on the KMT chair race and the Han recall campaign looks like it will have enough signatures to trigger a recall election by Feb 16. The New Taipei City government is making it harder for the government to decommission the Chinshan Nuclear Plant. The information environment is being infiltrated by the PRC in ways that alarming and not widely known. US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo has been strikingly warm towards Taiwan and warns US governments of local government level PRC united front activities. Philippine President Duterte orders his government to begin procedures to withdraw from the US Visiting Forces Agreement, which could impact Taiwan’s security. The PRC is building an airbase in Cambodia, which could potentially destabilize the region.
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