Ketagalan Media: How Was Taiwan’s Presidential Debate? Sorry I Fell Asleep

Two nights ago, Taiwan held the first of what people are erroneously referring to as a presidential “debate”.

A debate might have actually held out the possibility of being interesting, but this was a rotating set of three rounds of inaction-packed canned presentations by each of the three candidates. For those of you who were doing something that had the potential to keep you awake and interested, here is a recap of the oh-so-inspiring political sparring.

Providing the suitably impressive atmosphere for the three combatants vying to be the next person to lead Taiwan and command its armed forces was a set with 1970s burnt orange carpeting, a cheap title banner and an overall bored bureaucrat vibe that would have done a community center proud.

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How Was Taiwan’s Presidential Debate? Sorry I Fell Asleep 

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