Current Affairs Taiwan (CAT) 台灣時事 01-06-2020 Episode 27

On this episode, hosts Courtney Donovan Smith (石東文) and Michael Turton (麥哲恩) kick off with more amusing and odd gaffes coming from KMT presidential candidate Han Kuo-yu, and allegations of his buying a house for–and is confirmed to have travelled abroad with–a woman who isn’t his wife. Han reiterates pledge to reform the KMT, and we look into why his support started to wane earlier this year–and not because of Hong Kong as the international media likes to play it. Foxconn founder Terry Gou is now backing PFP candidate James Soong. Economic news is good on many fronts. DPP spokesperson describes those who support unification with China as treasonous–which would include most of the top people in the KMT–and stokes up KMT fears right in the aftermath of the passage of the anti-infiltration bill, which leads to discussion of the bill and former president Ma Ying-jeou’s comments on it. Finally, we discuss a particularly tasteless campaign ad. Follow along on, as we update what we’re paying attention to, with quotes and commentary, daily.
NOTE: CAT will be recording a special post-election show next Sunday, not our usual Monday. Tune in to ICRT for election coverage on Saturday, Donovan will be part of that team reporting from Taichung.

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