Current Affairs Taiwan 6.02.2019 Pilot 02

The second pilot. The first pilot was recorded a week earlier, but computer issues delayed the release. This second pilot was recorded last night (June 2), one week after the first, and again hosted by Michael Turton (麥哲恩) and Courtney Donovan Smith (石東文). Topics include:
1. Daniel Han Kuo-yu’s rally. Discussion includes crowd size estimates, Han’s demographic, his performance and message and prospects. Check out the analysis of his chances to win in 2020 and Michael’s strong statement on what Han’s rally did for his prospects.
2. The Lee & Bolton meeting, and why it was about a new “great game” in Oceania–something the press seems to have totally missed but Donovan somehow managed to notice.
3. Economic prospects for Taiwan, including some historical context from Michael on the difficulties of reviving the 1980’s boom that Han and Kuo are nostagically claiming they can deliver.
4. The DPP primary. Donovan explains how the DPP is structurally challenged in coping with some issues due to their history and founding purpose of the party, and why there is risk to party over bad blood between the two rival camps. Michael unpacks how sexism boxes in and defines common perceptions of Tsai, and fuels some of the supporters of Lai.
…and lots more.

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