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Taiwan Report podcast network includes podcasts that are People’s Choice Podcast Award’s Nominated in History and also used by various university programs around the world.

Must Read Articles from All Over

Must Read is a compilation of links to articles about current events in Taiwan that we feel are both informative and essential. Numerous articles are published by close friends of Taiwan Report. We never republish their content on our website as that would hurt their rankings, viewership and search; instead, we lead visitors to the articles directly, ensuring that the writers receive full benefit. We have full direct permission to link to the articles below and/or abide by the respective linking Terms of Service policy.

Donovan's Published Articles

Donovan Smith writes articles interconnected with his podcasts and they are updated three times a week. You can find links to them here:

Sean & Donovan On Taiwan This Week Podcast shows

Shows featuring Sean & Donovan on Taiwan This Week

Taiwan Report Articles & Transcripts

Taiwan Report Articles & Transcripts are written and submitted directly by contributors.

Taiwan Report Podcasts

Podcast | Video

All of our podcasts in one feed.


A history podcast of the greatest radio station you never heard of

Podcast | Video

A roundup of headlines for the past day or so.

Podcast | Video

A news briefing for political news and analysis.

Podcast | Video

The future of cities according to leaders in urban planning, technology, and policy within Taiwan.

Podcast | Video

In depth stories covering one topic on Taiwan featuring expert guests



A shared reaction on a deep look at the yearning over untold Taiwan stories, finally told.

Coming Soon

An upcoming podcast with an in-depth look at the twists and turns in Taiwan history


An upcoming podcast on Taiwan diaspora and their misadventures overseas,

Podcast | Video

(On Seasonal Break) A news round up with thoughts on what’s to come

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