US-Taiwan relations go into overdrive–Taiwan Report News Brief transcript

Summary: This is another big show on the recent blooming US-Taiwan relationship, which has gone into overdrive. Up first, the State Department visit was low-key, but important. A Taiwan-US meeting in New York was crafty indeed. The waters around a Taiwan-US trade deal are murky. Taiwan representative to the US upgrades herself. US congressman proposes […]

Ma is “not guilty” and may covet KMT chair–Taiwan Report News Brief transcript

Summary: Pegatron chair calls Taiwan’s economy “lopsided”. A court rules Ma Ying-jeou and Jiang Yi-huah not guilty. Ma Ying-jeou may try to win back KMT chair. There is a proposal to end oaths delivered to Sun Yat-sen. But first, lots of headlines. Headlines Taiwan’s number of Covid-19 cases has passed 500, but the number of […]

ICRT Weekly Central Taiwan News Report, Sep 23–transcript

Free 10 km bus trips to end for non-Taichungers Starting January 1, the first 10 km free and NT$10 maximum charge on buses in Taichung is set to no longer apply to tens or hundreds of thousands of commuters.After the new year starts, the policy will only apply to Taichungers.The only exceptions will be students […]

The KMT pulls out of Chinese forum in protest–Taiwan Report News Brief transcript

Summary: Wired magazine hails three top Taiwan leaders. Indigenous groups protest China’s moves in Inner Mongolia. The KMT pulls out of the Cross-straits forum. The curious case of five Hong Kongers. But up first, headlines. Headlines: Yet again, Taiwan will grant a further 30-day extension of stay to foreign visitors who entered the country on […]

ICRT Weekly Central Taiwan News Report, Sep 16–transcript

Tragedy strikes camping families Tragedy struck two camping families when a flash flood struck their tents in the very early hours of Sunday morning.Of the six people in the two families, only two survived.The father of one family survived by swimming to safety.The other survivor was the mother of the other family, who had been […]

Taiwan responds to aggressive Chinese military moves–Taiwan Report News Brief transcript

Summary: A cool advertisement wins an international award. Taiwan’s government responds to PLA incursions. Momentum for trade deals is mounting. The Dalai Lama looks to visit Taiwan. But with all the recent topic-heavy shows, today we’ve got lots of headlines. Headlines Human trials of COVID-19 vaccines in Taiwan conducted with Oxford University’s AstraZeneca have been […]

The Czech Taiwan visit a disaster for China

Summary: This is another big show focussing on the surprisingly impactful visit by the Czech delegation, which causes waves around the world. We kick off with the practical side of the Czech delegation’s visit to Taiwan. Prague Mayor Hrib’s city diplomacy. Czech Senate President channels Kennedy and charms Taiwan. Chinese threats cause an international backlash. […]

ICRT Weekly Central Taiwan News Report, Sep 9–transcript

Mask supplier detained for passing off non-medical masks The owner of a company in Changhua County has been detained for allegedly supplying pharmacies in Nantou with non-medical grade surgical masks from unknown sources, prosecutors said yesterday.The company is accused of procuring 610,000 masks from an unknown source and falsely labeling them to look as if […]

Big moves by the US on Taiwan relations–Taiwan Report News Brief transcript

Summary: This is a big show on big moves in the US-Taiwan relationship. Up first: US talks ending strategic ambiguity and declassified documents. A memorial message to Taiwan, and China. A State official’s speech clarifies direction of ties. Trade talks with the US are set to begin as the US, EU, Japan and Taiwan call […]