ICRT’s Weekly Central Taiwan News Report, Jan 20–transcript

Events once again being cancelled due to Covid With the new cluster outbreak of the coronavirus in Taoyuan, events are once again being impacted in Central Taiwan.In Taichung Mayor Lu Shiow-yen announced that this year’s Central Taiwan Lantern Festival, originally due to be held in Taichung in February, will be cancelled.She also announced that the […]

ICRT Weekly Central Taiwan News, Jan. 6 transcript

Taichung hit with another transport snafu Taichung’s new policy of restricting the 10 kilometer free policy on buses to local citizens hit the streets on January 1, only to immediately run into trouble.Under the new policy, cash cards must be registered to qualify, and over 1 million Taichung citizens have already done so.However, some discovered […]

ICRT Weekly Central Taiwan News Report, Dec. 30–transcript

New Year’s festivities to go ahead Barring a last-minute coronavirus outbreak, Central Taiwan’s New Year’s Eve concerts and events look set to go ahead.Not everything is completely normal, however, with various measures being taken due to the pandemic.At the main New Year’s Eve event and concert in Taichung’s Central Park, attendees will be limited to […]

ICRT Weekly Central Taiwan News Report, Dec. 23–transcript

Some clarity appears on causes of MRT malfunction The Japanese manufacturer of the trains to be used in Taichung’s new MRT system, Kawasaki Heavy Industries, apologized Monday at a press conference for a major flaw found during the system’s trial run last month.That was followed by the head of the Taipei City Department of Rapid […]

ICRT Weekly Central Taiwan News Report, Dec. 16–transcript

Taichung MRT won’t launch on time Bowing deeply and apologizing to the public, Taichung Mayor Lu Shiow-yen announced that the Taichung MRT Green Line will not be launching on the 19th, as originally planned.She said she would rather take the blame, but Taichung residents’ safety was her number one priority.In spite of Taipei City Department […]

ICRT Weekly Central Taiwan News Report, Dec. 9–transcript

Taichung Central Park officially opens Though open to the public since November of 2018, Taichung Central Park was officially launched on Sunday.Occupying 67 hectares, the park is 2.58 times larger than the area of the Daan Forest Park in Taipei and has been dubbed the “lungs of the city”.It is part of the Shuinan Economic […]

ICRT Weekly Central Taiwan News Report, Dec. 2–transcript

MRT situation looks bad With the hoped for date for restarting public Taichung MRT Green Line trials now passed, news is coming out that the initially planned official December 19 launch date may be in jeopardy as well.Taichung Mayor Lu Shiow-yen now says there is “no timetable” for restarting, and added “we will not resume […]

ICRT Weekly Central Taiwan News Report, Nov. 25–transcript

MRT is halted following malfunction Less than a week since the trial launch of Taichung’s MRT Green Line, it has been halted following a malfunction.Services were initially suspended for 1.5 hours on Saturday afternoon after one of the trains reported an abnormality at the terminal of the Taichung High Speed Rail Station.After an investigation the […]

ICRT Weekly Central Taiwan News Report, Nov. 18–transcript

Taichung finally has an MRT Over 20 years since planning began, 11 years since construction started and years of delays Taichung finally has an MRT.And on day one, the crowds really came out, with just shy of 71,000 passengers from 7 am to 8 pm, which is impressive for a Monday.Taichung Mayor Lu Shiow-yen was […]

ICRT Weekly Central Taiwan News Report, Oct. 7–transcript

Mayor Lu touts success of shopping festival Speaking to city council, Taichung Mayor Lu Shiow-yen touted the success of this summer’s second annual shopping festival.The festival included special offers, activities and lucky draws for a wide range of items, including TVs, scooters and a new apartment.Overall, they registered over NT$9 billion on the festival’s online […]