Taiwan Headlines, Feb. 22, 2021

Foreigners to be allowed back in and vaccines are coming. Chiang announced he’ll run for KMT chair, but not president. KMT not looking good in Taoyuan. Ko joins KMT forum. KMT referendums on track. Su’s popularity dips. Intelligence officers indicted. Hon Hai has vehicles on the way. DGBAS predicts GDP boom, but NT$ problems.

Taiwan Headlines, Feb. 19 2021

BioNTech reverses position on Taiwan vaccines. Johnny Chiang on Time’s 100 Next list. Jaw making statements. Han Kuo-yu has secret meetings. Chang Ya-chung joins KMT chair race. Wu Sz-huai makes unpopular statements, again. Ministry of Digital Development proposed to legislature. Big funding for pork industry.

Taiwan Headlines, Feb. 10

Taoyuan outbreak not contained. Vaccines are coming. International students to be allowed in. 3Q recall passes first hurdle. Exports boom. President comments on China ties, China lies in return, and Chiang supports Tsai. Prague Mayor slams China, praises Taiwan ties.

Taiwan Headlines, Feb. 7

Huang Jie survives recall. Forex reserves hit record high. Protest against Myanmar coup. CTS, PTS and Homeplus team up to grab Channel 52. US survey shows increasing support for defending Taiwan militarily. Japanese lawmakers call for local Taiwan Relations Act.

Huang recall, Jaw and the White Wolf–Taiwan Report News Brief transcript

Summary: Old battlehorse Jaw Shaw-kong makes a bid for KMT chair. The White Wolf claims to have young “red troops” for China. The Huang Jie recall vote is this weekend, what does it mean and how will it go? Old battlehorse Jaw Shaw-kong makes a bid for KMT chair With the strong backing of former […]

Taiwan Headlines, Jan. 17

SpaceX will launch two Taiwan-made satellites, the Flying Squirrel and the Yushan, into orbit on Jan. 21. The Directorate-General of Highways (DGH) has stated that alterations to a vehicle that the KMT had made were illegal.The party unveiled the truck featuring a pig’s face to promote its referendum drive opposing imports of pork containing traces […]

Ko P is running for president, Freddy Lim forms alliance–Taiwan Report News Brief transcript

Summary: Taipei Mayor Ko Wen-je tackles a huge, massive problem. Oh, and Ko is also preparing to run for president. Freddy Lim launches another political grouping. But up first, lots of headlines. Headlines Taiwan’s monitoring indicators signaled steady growth in August after five straight months of sluggish growth.The composite index of monitoring indicators for August […]

Han Kuo-yu comes out for a KMT wet T-shirt event–Taiwan Report News Brief transcript

Summary: Welcome to the Kaohsiung mayoral byelection pre-election special. I watched the rallies so you didn’t have to, and the KMT’s turned out a mess. I also go into what to watch for in the results in Saturday’s byelection. But, up first, some headlines. Headlines Taiwan’s official statistics bureau has lowered its forecast for the […]