Taiwan Headlines, Feb. 20, 2021

Rapid COVID vaccination efficacy test developed. TSMC ahead of schedule on 3nm. Amazon teams up with Foxconn in India. Mayor quits KMT. Big bucks for buses. KMT objects to NCC over Jaw. Space agency on the way. Biden team wants chips fast.

Taiwan Headlines, Feb. 18

Water crisis worsening. German company stiffs Taiwan on vaccines. Ma comments provoke ire. TVBS local leaders poll. Gold Cards up. KMT, DPP clash on constitutional reform. Coast Guard goes big on Taiwan. Domestic military production up. Hsiao Bi-khim gets pithy.

Taiwan Headlines, Feb. 5

Taiwan has one new Covid death, and two new transmissions. School is out for a few extra days. Childcare subsidies to rise. Principal charged with selling Sri Lankans for labour. Military reservists rule changes. HK immigrants up. Taiwan’s 5G is fast. Taiwan democracy tops in Asia. US Navy in Taiwan Strait. Guyana renegs on Taiwan office.

Taiwan Headlines, Feb. 2

Pandemic measures continue to grow. DPP lawmakers to take on anthem, constitution. PMI booming. Taiwan second in Asia-Pacific healthcare. Turks caught spying. Taiwan and Poland team up on crime.

Emblem, pollution and polls–Taiwan Report News Brief transcript

A DPP bill speeding up closure of Taichung Power Plant passes. Taiwanese are becoming more Taiwanese. Virtually no one wants “unification” with China. Party identification is strongly shifting in Taiwan. But up first, the government is pouring cold water on plans to change the national emblem.

Taiwan Headlines, Jan. 28

Recall drive against Kao Min-lin comes up short. New Party and KMT city councillors questioned. New water measures. Google invests big. Chipmakers up automotive chip capacity. The economy is hot. Cyberattacks are up. Military kit revealed. Beijing increasingly talks war.

Taiwan Headlines, Jan. 27

Covid cluster grows. Taiwan’s population drops. Most are satisfied with job, gender equality. Man eggs CKS statue. Government Chinese IT kit to go. International pressure over automotive chips. Flying squirrel, Yuhan launched into space. PRC belligerence rises. Hsiao Bi-khim quarantined.

Biden admin bombshell on Taiwan–Taiwan Report News Brief transcript

The pandemic effect is back in Taiwan, and things are again being cancelled. The Biden administration makes previously hidden reassurances to Taiwan official policy, and takes a strong stance. Though Taiwan has removed a major food-based irritant from the US relationship, one remains with Japan.

Taiwan Headlines, Jan. 19

Coronavirus outbreak grows. Old map in legislature questioned. Large scale corruption in the judiciary. Sunflower activists get repreive. Ex-presidential spox impeached. Foxconn moving into cars. China will sanction US officials over Taiwan.

Taiwan Headlines, Jan. 17

SpaceX will launch two Taiwan-made satellites, the Flying Squirrel and the Yushan, into orbit on Jan. 21. The Directorate-General of Highways (DGH) has stated that alterations to a vehicle that the KMT had made were illegal.The party unveiled the truck featuring a pig’s face to promote its referendum drive opposing imports of pork containing traces […]