CTi loses, KMT protests & Xi’s list–Taiwan Report News Brief transcript

Summary: The CECC announces tougher pandemic measures for winter. CTi TV News license renewal has been rejected. The KMT ramps up protests over racto-pork alongside labour protest. The KMT continues to block the premier in the legislature. Revenge recalls begin to bite, with the first coming in January. And finally, Xi Jinping’s making a list, […]

Taiwan isn’t a part of China–Taiwan Report News Brief transcript

Summary: Paint attackers on Causeway Bay Books get minimal sentences. Taiwan is left out of a regional trade bloc. Top Biden aid leaves us in the dark after US representative’s call. US and Taiwan in U-turn on Marines training in Taiwan. Mike Pompeo states the obvious: Taiwan isn’t a part of China. But up first, […]

ICRT Weekly Central Taiwan News Report, Nov. 18–transcript

Taichung finally has an MRT Over 20 years since planning began, 11 years since construction started and years of delays Taichung finally has an MRT.And on day one, the crowds really came out, with just shy of 71,000 passengers from 7 am to 8 pm, which is impressive for a Monday.Taichung Mayor Lu Shiow-yen was […]

The racto-pork battle gets weird, and WHO–Taiwan Report News Brief transcript

Summary: DPP lawmakers want to ban the KMT logo. The racto-pork battle gets weird. The WHO battle that wasn’t, and the insurgency. But up first, some headlines. Headlines: Two days, and two big breakthroughs in transport.Monday, as I’m recording this, Taichung’s MRT system launched on a trial basis.Meanwhile, up in New Taipei, the new section […]

Taiwan sends mixed messages to foreigners–Taiwan Report News Brief transcript

Summary: Taipei Mayor Ko joins opposition to NCC hearings on CTi TV news, which may be influenced by China’s United Front. Stimulus vouchers are to be given to APRC holders and diplomats. The Taiwan govt supports businesses over workers in Indonesian worker spat. And lots of headlines. Headlines: Taichung Mayor Lu Shiow-yen held a press […]

Talk of a Chinese invasion of Taiwan–Taiwan Report News Brief transcript

Summary: Could vaccines be on the way for Taiwan? Prosecutors say a poo attack was a Chinese conspiracy. Lithuania pledges support for ‘those who fight for freedom’ in Taiwan. US marines are in Taiwan participating in training. Talk of a Chinese invasion of Taiwan. Headlines: Bubble tea emojis have been approved and added to Unicode […]

Taiwan prepares for a Biden presidency & WHO–Taiwan Report News Brief transcript

Summary: Pandemic changes are still coming. Some foreigners may get stimulus vouchers, but only a few. Taiwan GDP forecasts boosted, with 2021 expected to be strong. A German foundation flees Hong Kong for Taipei. More moves to improve Taiwan-Indian ties. Once again, support is building for Taiwan to attend the World Health Assembly. Taiwan prepares […]

Taiwanese back Trump, but should they? –Taiwan Report News Brief transcript

Big moves are afoot in transportation. Taiwan’s medical research community hits some home runs. Steps forward for the LGBT community, but not prayers. Is support for the TPP and NPP slipping? Finally, Taiwanese back Trump, but should they? First up, I’d like to thank John, Frank and Simon for their generous patronage of this project […]