Taiwan supports Australian “freedom wine”–Taiwan Report News Brief transcript

Summary: Taiwan is standing in support of Australian “freedom wine”. Two airlines introduce boarding by facial recognition. Bureau of Labor Funds domestic investment division head arrested. The TPP accuses the government of spending big on “propaganda”. Headlines: Citing a recent surge in cases, the Central Epidemic Command Center (CECC) has removed Hong Kong from its […]

KMT: Abolish 2 branches of govt, and welcome India–Taiwan Report News Brief transcript

Business updates Foreign direct investment (FDI) in Taiwan approved by the government in the first five months of this year totaled US$3.42 billion, an 11.95 percent increase from the same period last year.The Ministry of Economic Affairs said in a statement: “This shows that despite the effects of trade tensions and technology disputes between the […]

TFI Post: ‘Not Chinese, but Taiwanese investors allowed,’ For the first time India has denounced One-China policy

There are several odd things in this article.For one thing, many if most countries already treat Taiwanese differently, regardless of having a “One China” policy.For example, Taiwanese passport holders get visa-free entry into far more countries than Chinese.Treating Taiwanese differently as investors is also quite common, and hardly amounts to a “denunciation.”This also says that […]