The Czech Taiwan visit a disaster for China

Summary: This is another big show focussing on the surprisingly impactful visit by the Czech delegation, which causes waves around the world. We kick off with the practical side of the Czech delegation’s visit to Taiwan. Prague Mayor Hrib’s city diplomacy. Czech Senate President channels Kennedy and charms Taiwan. Chinese threats cause an international backlash. […]

ICRT Weekly Central Taiwan News Report, Sep 9–transcript

Mask supplier detained for passing off non-medical masks The owner of a company in Changhua County has been detained for allegedly supplying pharmacies in Nantou with non-medical grade surgical masks from unknown sources, prosecutors said yesterday.The company is accused of procuring 610,000 masks from an unknown source and falsely labeling them to look as if […]

Big moves by the US on Taiwan relations–Taiwan Report News Brief transcript

Summary: This is a big show on big moves in the US-Taiwan relationship. Up first: US talks ending strategic ambiguity and declassified documents. A memorial message to Taiwan, and China. A State official’s speech clarifies direction of ties. Trade talks with the US are set to begin as the US, EU, Japan and Taiwan call […]

KMT: Hello 92 Consensus, Goodbye voters

Summary: Johnny Chiang buckles, the “1992 consensus” is back and the proposed party platform’s cross-strait entries are a disaster. An internal KMT poll shows some interesting results. Finally, a new Taiwan passport design intended to differentiate from China has been unveiled. But, up first, headlines: Headlines Taiwan’s Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has ordered Taiwanese […]

ICRT Weekly Central Taiwan News Report, Sep 2–transcript

Local revolt against American pork All three KMT-led central Taiwan governments have responded strongly to the party’s call to strike back against President Tsai’s decision to open the country to sales of American pork, which contains the leanness-enhancing agent ractopamine.Taichung announced that existing local regulations have fines ranging from NT$30,000 to NT$100,000 if any ractopamine […]

Tsai’s American meat problems and opportunities–Taiwan Report News Brief transcript

Summary: The Ill-gotten Party Assets Settlement Committee is to further investigate two affiliates of the KMT. Enoch Wu announces he’s not running for Taipei Mayor. The local political fallout over American pork continues. Why President Tsai is expending political capital on a US trade deal. China’s reaction to Taiwan’s new French office is priceless. But […]

NPP’s third scandal in a month–Taiwan Report News Brief transcript

Summary: The New Power Party is facing its third scandal in a month, and has lost one of their most high profile members. The public disagrees with Ma’s statement on Taiwan being doomed to lose in a war. The most popular president in Taiwan’s history for development has been polled. A new TVBS satisfaction poll […]