Taiwan Headlines, Feb. 24, 2021

Chinese children of locals get reprieve. Water crisis could get worse. Wage gap declines again. Co-organizer pulls out of 228 event due to Ma invite. Jaw calls for parliamentary system. NDC to figure out what “digital talent” is. Ma accuses US of infringing ROC sovereignty. WTO rep meets US counterpart.

Taiwan Headlines, Feb. 20, 2021

Rapid COVID vaccination efficacy test developed. TSMC ahead of schedule on 3nm. Amazon teams up with Foxconn in India. Mayor quits KMT. Big bucks for buses. KMT objects to NCC over Jaw. Space agency on the way. Biden team wants chips fast.

Taiwan Headlines, Feb. 19, 2021 (Late Edition)

Coalition marches on 228, calls for liquidation of KMT. NDC predicts strong growth. Major shakeup of national security team. Taiwan welcomes new WTO head. Trouble in the Senkakus. US support for WHO entry. Taiwan Invasion Prevention Act is back.

Taiwan Headlines, Feb. 10

Taoyuan outbreak not contained. Vaccines are coming. International students to be allowed in. 3Q recall passes first hurdle. Exports boom. President comments on China ties, China lies in return, and Chiang supports Tsai. Prague Mayor slams China, praises Taiwan ties.

Taiwan Headlines, Feb. 7

Huang Jie survives recall. Forex reserves hit record high. Protest against Myanmar coup. CTS, PTS and Homeplus team up to grab Channel 52. US survey shows increasing support for defending Taiwan militarily. Japanese lawmakers call for local Taiwan Relations Act.

Taiwan Headlines, Feb. 5

Taiwan has one new Covid death, and two new transmissions. School is out for a few extra days. Childcare subsidies to rise. Principal charged with selling Sri Lankans for labour. Military reservists rule changes. HK immigrants up. Taiwan’s 5G is fast. Taiwan democracy tops in Asia. US Navy in Taiwan Strait. Guyana renegs on Taiwan office.

Taiwan Headlines, Jan. 30

Four new cases and one new death from Covid. Four indicted for docking foreign worker’s pay. NPP bill asking MOI to investigate national emblem passes. DPP bill to decommission Taichung coal-fired generators passes. Foreign companies under investigation for speculation. GDP growth surpasses China’s. US to virtually meet with MOEA on automotive chips. More strong words of support from US.

Biden admin bombshell on Taiwan–Taiwan Report News Brief transcript

The pandemic effect is back in Taiwan, and things are again being cancelled. The Biden administration makes previously hidden reassurances to Taiwan official policy, and takes a strong stance. Though Taiwan has removed a major food-based irritant from the US relationship, one remains with Japan.

Taiwan Headlines, Jan. 23

A plan to launch electronic identification cards has been suspended until a specific law has been established as a legal basis to govern the matter.The eID plan has received considerable pushback, including from within the DPP. The KMT reportedly lost over NT$160 million last year, adding to a mountain of debt and liabilities.Current Chair Johnny […]