Taiwan Headlines, Mar. 20, 2021

The AstraZeneca vaccine has completed locally required tests, and is expected to start being administered next Monday, initially to health care workers and staff.Meanwhile, Taiwan on Thursday confirmed six new imported cases of COVID-19, bringing the total number of cases in the country to 1,004 The government is planning a NT$160 billion (US$5.67 billion) infrastructure […]

Taiwan Headlines, Feb. 20, 2021

Rapid COVID vaccination efficacy test developed. TSMC ahead of schedule on 3nm. Amazon teams up with Foxconn in India. Mayor quits KMT. Big bucks for buses. KMT objects to NCC over Jaw. Space agency on the way. Biden team wants chips fast.

Taiwan Headlines, Jan. 7

Data released by the Directorate General of Budget, Accounting and Statistics (DGBAS) shows that the number of people in Taiwan’s workforce averaged 11.964 million from January to November 2020.This represented growth of 0.16 percent from the same period in 2019 and is the lowest growth level ever recorded for that time frame.A DGBAS official said […]

Taiwan Headlines, Dec. 28

The Taiwan People’s Party is enacting new rules requiring central standing committee members to raise NT$1 million per year for the party.The KMT has a similar policy. Former President Chen Shui-bian has announced that starting on January 3rd he will be hosting a show every Sunday morning on Smile Radio.Taichung Prison, however, stated they haven’t […]

Taiwan soft power in India done right–Taiwan Report News Brief transcript

Comment: KMT Chair Johnny Chiang’s White Terror comments at odds with…Johnny Chiang’s comments on the White Terror the very same day. The state-owned oil company is hanging hopes on Chad. More support for people from HK and Macau coming, but clearly with bias. Finally, soft power done right in India. But up first, headlines. Headlines: […]

KMT acting offal in the legislature–Taiwan Report News Brief transcript

Summary: Taiwan continues to lead in tech with a possible German acquisition. Taichung’s MRT woes look like they’re worse than thought. The KMT acting offal in the legislature, yes pun intended. Kao Chia-yu has had a terrible week. Finally, the Defense Ministry says the AIT director is wrong on arms sales. But up first, headlines. […]