Taiwan Headlines, Food Delivery Driver Union? 4/21

The Japanese de-facto embassy raises the flag at a curious time. TSMC and Foxconn are making bold moves toward world domination. Food delivery drivers are to be offered to join a union, but will heavy traffic nix it?

Taiwan Headlines, Feb. 7

Huang Jie survives recall. Forex reserves hit record high. Protest against Myanmar coup. CTS, PTS and Homeplus team up to grab Channel 52. US survey shows increasing support for defending Taiwan militarily. Japanese lawmakers call for local Taiwan Relations Act.

Biden admin bombshell on Taiwan–Taiwan Report News Brief transcript

The pandemic effect is back in Taiwan, and things are again being cancelled. The Biden administration makes previously hidden reassurances to Taiwan official policy, and takes a strong stance. Though Taiwan has removed a major food-based irritant from the US relationship, one remains with Japan.

Taiwan Headlines, Dec. 29

At 24.62 degrees Celsius, Taiwan saw its highest average temperature on record in 2020 since the country began keeping climate records in 1947.It also surpassed the previous record set in 2019.Temperatures in every month except for April and October placed among the top 10 in history. The Council of Agriculture has announced that as of […]

Watching Wayne Chiang and CAL–Taiwan Report News Brief transcript

Summary: Hsinchu City moves against new electronic IDs. Dealing with the China Airlines name dilemma. Strong words on Taiwan from Japan defence official. But up first, Wayne Chiang is on a roll to the Taipei mayor’s office. Wayne Chiang on a roll to the Taipei mayor’s office A poll released by the Taiwan Brain Trust […]

Taiwan Headlines, Dec. 26

Welcome to Taiwan Headlines, news that impacts Taiwan’s future. I’m also recording a Taiwan Report News Brief today, which goes in depth into some bigger stories. Residents in an area of northern Taiwan will receive simulated warnings on their mobile phones Dec. 29 indicating an imminent volcanic eruption.If the messages are delivered smoothly, the Central […]

Silliness and stupidity over the Senkakus–Taiwan Report News Brief transcript

KMT candidate wants Han to stump for her According to a spokesperson for KMT Kaohsiung mayoral candidate Jane Lee (李眉蓁), they hope that former mayor Dan Han Kuo-yu will join her on the stump.Han was ousted in a recall vote in June.According to a report in the deep blue China Times, KMT lawmakers–who they didn’t […]