The Poor People’s Republic of China Sadly has to Threaten Taiwan Because it has No Choice

For years prominent commentator (and my co-host on Current Affairs Taiwan) Michael Turton has pointed out that both the carrots and the sticks employed by the PRC are intended to portray itself as the victim.  In their framing, in spite of all their peaceful efforts and generous offers to Taiwan “compatriots”, stubborn Taiwan “secessionists” colluding […]

Global Times (CCP Mouthpiece): Mainland pays less attention to Taiwan election

… Some Taiwan media also predict that the election will “make Beijing the biggest loser,” saying the Hong Kong turmoil has damaged the image of the “one country, two systems” and “the fear toward reunification among the Taiwan youth will increase the DPP’s advantage.” However, in the mainland, more and more people, especially those on […]

Global Times (CCP organ): Chinese netizens bash Lady Gaga for ‘supporting HK separatist’ on social media

Chinese fans outraged at Lady Gaga addressed her “wrongdoings” that included her support of a Hong Kong separatist, associating with the Dalai Lama, and promoting “Taiwan independence”. The singer’s Chinese fans have vowed to boycott the controversial star, citing “national interest prevails all.” Netizen’s anger was sparked after it was revealed the singer was following […]