Taiwan Headlines, Dec. 28

The Taiwan People’s Party is enacting new rules requiring central standing committee members to raise NT$1 million per year for the party.The KMT has a similar policy. Former President Chen Shui-bian has announced that starting on January 3rd he will be hosting a show every Sunday morning on Smile Radio.Taichung Prison, however, stated they haven’t […]

Taiwan Headlines, Dec. 26

Welcome to Taiwan Headlines, news that impacts Taiwan’s future. I’m also recording a Taiwan Report News Brief today, which goes in depth into some bigger stories. Residents in an area of northern Taiwan will receive simulated warnings on their mobile phones Dec. 29 indicating an imminent volcanic eruption.If the messages are delivered smoothly, the Central […]

Taiwan Headlines, Dec. 25

Welcome to Taiwan headlines, featuring news that impacts Taiwan’s future. The Legislative Yuan has voted to approve administrative directives related to the government’s decision to lift its restrictions on imports of pork containing ractopamine and U.S. beef from cattle aged over 30 months.They include provisions on testing and labelling.All three opposition party caucuses, the KMT, […]

Taiwan Headlines, Dec. 24

Welcome to Taiwan Headlines, sharing the news that shapes Taiwan’s future. For analysis and context, check out our companion show Taiwan Report News Brief. Taiwan will impose more stringent regulations for flight crews to close loopholes in its prevention and control measures against the pandemic, after a cluster infection was linked to a commercial airline […]

Taiwan Headlines Dec. 23–transcript

Welcome to Taiwan Headlines, which is essentially the previous headlines section of Taiwan Report News Brief, which will continue with longer stories, as well as analysis and context. Having the two shows separate is a bit more flexible. Headlines focuses on stories that will impact Taiwan’s future, mainly politics and foreign affairs, as well as […]

CTiTV News and the NCC’s moves for more control–Taiwan Report News Brief

Summary: Taiwan’s economy continues to shine. Taichung’s MRT is on hold indefinitely. CTiTV News and the NCC’s moves for more control. For this show I’m trying a different format, I’ve moved the headlines to the end of the show, but be sure to stick around for those, there are quite a few. First up, however, […]

Tsai’s award-winning week–Taiwan Report News Brief transcript

Summary: Finally, the government announces a firm date for ARC number change. The future of CTiTV News, and a man sets himself on fire in protest. News coverage of Kao Chia-yu is ridiculous. President Tsai’s award-winning week. But up first, headlines. Headlines: According to Health and Welfare Minister Chen Shih-chung (陳時中), people in Taiwan may […]

Taiwan supports Australian “freedom wine”–Taiwan Report News Brief transcript

Summary: Taiwan is standing in support of Australian “freedom wine”. Two airlines introduce boarding by facial recognition. Bureau of Labor Funds domestic investment division head arrested. The TPP accuses the government of spending big on “propaganda”. Headlines: Citing a recent surge in cases, the Central Epidemic Command Center (CECC) has removed Hong Kong from its […]

KMT acting offal in the legislature–Taiwan Report News Brief transcript

Summary: Taiwan continues to lead in tech with a possible German acquisition. Taichung’s MRT woes look like they’re worse than thought. The KMT acting offal in the legislature, yes pun intended. Kao Chia-yu has had a terrible week. Finally, the Defense Ministry says the AIT director is wrong on arms sales. But up first, headlines. […]

Taiwan is not a part of China, says polling

Summary: There are calls for closer Australia ties. Lawmakers freeze half the eID budget, but the Executive Yuan says the new eIDs still on their way. Polls continue to show Taiwanese don’t trust China. Airlines still obey China, while China Airlines shrinks its font. But up first, headlines. Headlines: A research team at Academia Sinica’s […]