Huang recall, Jaw and the White Wolf–Taiwan Report News Brief transcript

Summary: Old battlehorse Jaw Shaw-kong makes a bid for KMT chair. The White Wolf claims to have young “red troops” for China. The Huang Jie recall vote is this weekend, what does it mean and how will it go? Old battlehorse Jaw Shaw-kong makes a bid for KMT chair With the strong backing of former […]

ICRT’s Weekly Central Taiwan News Report, Feb 3–transcript

Plan to idle coal generators by 2035 passes The Legislative Yuan has passed a DPP resolution to decommission Taichung Power Plant’s coal-fired generators by 2035, and to preserve the generators as a national security emergency reserve.The plant’s owner, state-owned Taipower, had originally scheduled the decommissioning to be complete in 2046.The highly partisan 68-0 vote was […]

Taiwan Headlines, Feb. 2

Pandemic measures continue to grow. DPP lawmakers to take on anthem, constitution. PMI booming. Taiwan second in Asia-Pacific healthcare. Turks caught spying. Taiwan and Poland team up on crime.