Quick Take: Frozen Garlic & legislative election predictions

Today Frozen Garlic came out with a total home run of an analysis: This is the stuff that the Froze is absolutely brilliant at. Absolutely a must read.   I’m always relieved when his analysis is in the ballpark of where mine is. I’ve been thinking a lot recently, and looking at the numbers, and […]

Quick Take: KMT takes on air pollution prior to election

It is highly unlikely that the timing is coincidental, and follows on the heels of seven KMT central Taiwan administration heads led by Taichung Mayor Lu Shiow-yen earlier this month taking on state-owned Taipower over coal burning at the Taichung Power Plant.  Many credit the combination of campaigning on air pollution as her primary issue […]

Quick Take: PFP vows to introduce ‘total nursing care’ policy

Nurses and caregivers and chronically underpaid and overworked, causing shortages and high turnover–a problem that will only get worse as the population ages.  Being top of the PFP party list gives Eva Teng (滕西華) a shot at getting into the legislature and addressing the issue, if the PFP can cross the 5% threshold on the […]