CCP: Netizens launch bubble tea boycott campaign against secession-supporting brands

Chinese mainland internet users Wednesday launched a boycott of bubble tea brands that they accused of supporting secessionist forces in Hong Kong . The topic of a bubble tea boycott garnered over 230 million views and some 47,000 comments as of press time on China’s twitter-like platform Sina Weibo. Internet users accused the Taiwan-headquartered brand […]

CNA: China will ‘lose’ by boycotting Golden Horse Awards: Taiwan

… Cabinet spokeswoman Kolas Yotaka (谷辣斯‧尤達卡) confirmed the news later Wednesday and said that if China thought it could punish Taiwan by doing this, it was the wrong move. “This is China’s loss,” Kolas said, arguing that China should not suppress artistic creation and freedom of speech. “Politics are politics and art is art. If […]

Boing Boing: Taiwanese sympathizers are shipping helmets and gas-masks to Hong Kong

As the Hong Kong uprising hits its sixth week, the island is running out of protective gear to guard the surging protesters against police violence; in response, Hong Kongers in Taiwan and Taiwanese sympathizers have been bulk-shipping helmets, gas masks and other materiel (as well as cash) to the protesters (in Kaohsiung, Taiwan, queues formed […]

Bloomberg: If Hong Kong Avoids a Bloody Crackdown, It Can Thank Taiwan


… Here’s the good news, summed up in one word: Taiwan.  While the Chinese government sees Hong Kong as a vital commercial and economic center, the assimilation of Taiwan is a far bigger priority. The Taiwanese, who are surely watching events on a minute-to-minute basis, tend to see their future reflected in how events unfold […]

Epoch Times: How Five Thousand Mainland Communist Spies Have Infiltrated Taiwan’s Military

In recent years, a number of Chinese espionage cases have been exposed, highlighting the fact that Taiwan’s political, economic, military, social and other institutions have been seriously infiltrated by Chinese Communist Party (CCP) spies. The Taiwan National Security Bureau has estimated that the CCP has about 5,000 spies in Taiwan. They have infiltrated the Taiwan […]

Love FM: UDP condemns Kareem Musa’s trip to China

Love FM

The United Democratic Party (UDP) has released on official statement (UDP ON MUSA VO) concerning Caribbean Shores Representative, Kareem Musa, and his unannounced trip to China. As we have already reported, Musa said that the trip was that of a personal nature and that he was invited by the Belize-Chinese Association. However, the Association issued […]

Taipei Times: Tsai boosts support, approval rating: survey

… Tsai has boosted her approval rating and improved support for her re-election bid in the past few months, with the latest poll showing that she would win 51 percent of the vote against 31 percent for Han, the Chinese Nationalist Party’s (KMT) candidate, foundation executive director Lin Yi-cheng (林宜正) said. If Taipei Mayor Ko […]

The News Lens: OPINION: Taiwan Should Treat Huawei as a National Security Threat

The News Lens

  …At the height of the Huawei controversy earlier this year, the Taiwanese government still had no plans to introduce a blanket ban on Huawei devices. Huawei’s products have continued to grow in popularity among Taiwanese due to their low prices. After the U.S.-imposed export ban resulted in Google preventing Huawei from updating Android on […]

Taiwan Insight: Challenges to Taiwan’s Diplomatic Recognition

Taiwan Insight

Taiwan faces increasingly powerful and complex challenges to its formal diplomatic relations. China’s economic incentives, including aid packages and the allure of the Chinese domestic market, coupled with growing political clout, provides considerable leverage to persuade countries to break relations with Taiwan. Furthermore, when China unilaterally ended the so-called diplomatic truce with the election of […]

Ketagalan Media: Observations on Rising Populism in Taiwan Politics

… In today’s Taiwan, all the above described types of populist politics are thriving due to the collective sentiments of groups of people feeling left behind by the pro-reform movements, and by perceptions of growing political support from the administration and political elites of progressive (e.g., same-sex marriage) and reformist (e.g., pension reforms) policies. The […]