Video: Taiwan Report News Brief (03-01-2020) The curious case of the missing endorsements

Tough new drunk driving measures are set to kick in, more measures announced in the battle against the coronovirus, including one targeting foreign workers. The CECC and Health Ministry, however, come out against a crackdown against undocumented caregivers. Ko Wen-je posts a picture of himself when he was 18, and the KMT central standing committee […]

Video:Taiwan Report News Brief (02-26-2020) Lots of Panning

Euthanasia ban panned, Mazu pilgrimage finally delayed, President Tsai scales down inauguration, white terror database released, land use plans panned, ban on euthanasia of strays questioned, govt backs off on prosecuting critics, EPA smacks down Taichung city govt, KMT punts on “king of Hualien” and the KMT chair race continues.

Video: Current Affairs Taiwan 台灣時事 #33 (02-24-2020) That Thing Bernie Sanders Said

Michael Turton (麥哲恩) and co-host Courtney Donovan Smith (石東文) cover a lot of ground, starting with a community service announcement on drugs. Will the Mazu pilgrimage go forward with coronavirus fears, or will Mazu intervene as Yen Ching-piao asserts. The KMT chair race takes some interesting turns. Bernie Sanders, currently Democratic frontrunner to be their […]