Podcast: Taiwan Report News Brief (03-14-2020) Everybody must get stoned.

KMT lawmaker Wu Sz-huai reportedly tries to get hands on classified military documents, but the press gets it wrong. A new suicide law spurs debate of health versus freedom of the press, the NPP, TPP and the KMT unite against the DPP over land law but the DPP’s majority shuts them down, travel ban may […]

Podcast: Taiwan Report News Brief (03-12-2020) PRC hints to the DPP and warns KMT

The TPP plans to go all out in the 2022 local elections, Netflix to take on the Formosa Plastics Group, PRC media shows why DPP is proposing to change Academia Sinica’s name, gov’t cracks down on Huawei, Han recall signatures submitted, coronavirus updates, PRC again meddles with Taiwan’s attempt to bring citizens home, PRC drops […]

Podcast: Current Affairs Taiwan 台灣時事 #35 (03-09-2020)

Michael Turton (麥哲恩) and co-host Courtney Donovan Smith (石東文) dig into the results and impact of the KMT chair race, and what it means for the future of the party–and how problems are appearing right out of the gate, including the PRC snubbing the new chair and what that might mean. A recent poll suggests […]

Podcast: Taiwan Report News Brief (03-08-2020) KMT votes for change in chair race

The RCA lawsuits rumble on with a poor result for ex-workers, Taiwan’s libraries are booming, CCP mouthpiece Global Times again talks war with Taiwan, Taiwan firms caught up in Uighur horror show and the KMT makes a big statement in their chair by-election! As always, all English articles used in the report are linked to […]

Podcast: Taiwan Report News Brief (03-07-2020) Something weird to the speaker cometh

The legislative speaker gets bizarre threats, Ko Wen-je cleared of trafficking in organs, government issues guidelines for events amid coronavirus outbreak, Taiwan tops Asia in gender equality but not all is well and will the new KMT chair to be elected today drop the 1992 consensus? Important note: all of our podcasts, including this one, […]

Podcast: Taiwan Report News Brief (03-05-2020) US House shows love for TAIPEI

Taiwan remains a free nation, good news on the coronavirus front, more places block Taiwanese visitors, 3Q takes aim at the Taishang in Wuhan, US House passes TAIPEI act, DPP boots out TAPA members and Johnny Chiang makes a couple of interesting comments. As always, all English articles used in the report are linked to […]