KM: Xi Jinping Stokes Fear With Travel Ban to Taiwan

On July 31, the Chinese government announced it was suspending issuing individual travel permits to the residents of 47 cities previously allowed to travel to Taiwan. Tour groups and business travelers will still be allowed. This measure, the latest in a series of increasingly hostile gestures towards Taiwan, was executed abruptly, taking effect the very […]

Taipei Times: Ian Easton On Taiwan: Creating strategic knowledge

The US and China are already at war with each other ideologically, and economic and geopolitical tensions between the two are rising. Fortunately, this conflict has not spilled over into the military sphere, although there is a growing risk of that too. China’s aggressive rhetoric and actions are destabilizing its periphery. For America, the overarching […]

Stratfor: Amphibious Warfare: The Key to China’s Overseas Military Ambitions

Highlights Amphibious warfare is a key element of China’s warfighting strategy, figuring prominently its military’s readiness for expeditionary warfare to safeguard Chinese interests in the South China Sea and the invasion of Taiwan. China’s new Type 075 amphibious ships mark a new chapter in the continued improvement of its military sealift capability.  Progress, however, remains uneven, with obstacles […]