CCP Mouthpiece: Mainland individual trips to Taiwan discontinued due to ties in limbo

Zhang Hua, an associate research fellow of the Institute of Taiwan Studies, Chinese Academy of Social Sciences in Beijing, told the Global Times that the travel policy suspension is clearly the result of current cross-Straits tensions. “The separatist forces in Taiwan have become more and more rampant. The recent military exercises by the People’s Liberation […]

Stratfor: Amphibious Warfare: The Key to China’s Overseas Military Ambitions

Highlights Amphibious warfare is a key element of China’s warfighting strategy, figuring prominently its military’s readiness for expeditionary warfare to safeguard Chinese interests in the South China Sea and the invasion of Taiwan. China’s new Type 075 amphibious ships mark a new chapter in the continued improvement of its military sealift capability.  Progress, however, remains uneven, with obstacles […]