Ketagalan Media: The New ‘In’ Spot for the World’s Makers

The district of Sanchong in New Taipei has seen better times. In the 1970s, it emerged as the processing hub for manufacturing in northern Taiwan, with factories lining major transportation arteries and tucked away in small alleys. Small factory owners honed their specific skills and relied on their two hands to support the economic miracle […]

LA Review of Books: “I Felt Like I Was Drowning”: On Women’s Rights in Taiwan

IN FEBRUARY 2017, Taiwanese indie press Guerrilla published a novel by a first-time author named Lin Yi-Han. Lin was the only child of a well-respected dermatologist in Tainan, one of Taiwan’s largest cities on its west coast. She was a top performing student during high school — beautiful, smart, bookish yet popular — but she […]