Taipei Times: Ian Easton On Taiwan: Should Taiwanese missiles target Beijing?

For many years, China’s propaganda outlets have broadcast videos of military units attacking Taiwan. Even in peacetime, viewers across China (and Taiwan) are routinely exposed to images of unprovoked violence. In one such media clip, Chinese tanks and soldiers practiced storming a large mock-up of the Presidential Office in Taipei. … Chinese Communist Party (CCP) […]

FT: Taiwan: fears grow over China’s invasion threat

Concerns are building in both Taipei and in the US — the unofficial guarantor of the island’s security — that China could be moving closer to launching the attack which it has been threatening for 70 years. “Militarily, the other side has been doing [its] homework for a couple of decades. The threat is real,” […]

Focus Taiwan: Chopper crash likely unrelated to mechanical failure, weather: TTSB

Taipei, Jan. 4 (CNA) Based on information recovered from the crashed UH-60M Black Hawk helicopter’s two flight data recorders, the cause of the crash was unlikely related to mechanical failure or weather factors, a Taiwan Transportation Safety Board (TTSB) official said Saturday. Based on a preliminary investigation by the TTSB, the official told reporters that […]

Taipei Times: Helicopter Crash: President decorates deceased officers

Military officers who were killed in a helicopter crash on Thursday are to be posthumously given decorations for their service to the nation, President Tsai Ing-wen (蔡英文) said yesterday at a top-level military and national security meeting at the Presidential Office in Taipei. … Tsai then announced that Shen had been posthumously promoted from a […]

Focus Taiwan: Taiwan a concern for U.S. in potential 2020 conflict with China: poll

… In the annual Preventive Priorities Survey released by the New York-based the Council on Foreign Relations’ Center for Preventive Action (CPA), American foreign policy experts assessed the likelihood and impact of 30 potential conflicts that could emerge or escalate next year. The CPA then categorized the scenarios in three tiers — high, moderate, and […]

Focus Taiwan: AIDC, Lockheed Martin MOU good for both sides: premier

… He said a nation’s defense needs air defenses, air defenses need fighter jets, and fighter jets need maintenance, and the MOU paves the way for the two sides to establish an F-16 fighter maintenance center in the future. AIDC Chairman Hu Kai-hung (胡開宏) said his company has been working closely with the defense contractor […]

Ketagalan Media: China’s Growing Grip on the South Pacific

… China has invested significantly in the region, and Fanell suspect that China has been cultivating development deals for a long time. Fanell noted that a guard at a gold mine recently purchased by Chinese state owned company in the Solomon Islands was wearing a uniform with China’s national flag stitched onto the shoulder. Fanell […]

Taipei Times: NSPO trumpets satellite’s performance

The images taken by Taiwan’s first indigenously developed satellite, Formosat-5, has been used to calculate underwater topography and monitor rice production after it became commercially operational last year, and its performance is comparable to that of a US high-resolution satellite, the National Space Organization (NSPO) said yesterday. … The Agricultural Research Institute in August sparked […]