Daily Maverick: China turns the screws on Eswatini

China is threatening to “cripple” Eswatini business and economic development should it not switch allegiance from Taiwan to China immediately. In astrongly worded and threatening seven-page statement, China’s ambassador to Pretoria, Lin Songtian, said “no diplomatic relations, no more business benefits”.  He also implied that other African countries could be pressured to shun Eswatini at […]

Taiwan Insight: Taiwanese perceptions of diplomatic recognition

… To address Taiwanese perceptions of diplomatic recognition and the dual roles of relations with China and concerns about countries demanding aid, we conducted an experimental web survey through PollcracyLab at National Chengchi University’s (NCCU) Election Study Center in December. Five hundred and two respondents were randomly assigned to receive one of four versions of […]

Focus Taiwan: Eswatini’s ties with Taiwan firm despite pressure from China: MOFA

… MOFA wishes to express its “sincere appreciation and highest respect” to Eswatini for standing up to China’s efforts at suppression, she said, adding that Beijing was “rudely interfering in the economic activities of another country.” In an undated statement reportedly issued by the Chinese embassy in Pretoria, South Africa, Beijing served notice that visa […]

Devpolicy Blog: Comparing China’s and Taiwan’s aid to the Pacific

… In terms of aid volume, Chinese aid to PICs totalled US$1.05 billion between 2011 and 2016, which is nearly four times Taiwan’s cumulative aid (US$271 million). However, given the larger populations of the Pacific states that recognise China, the per capita aid spending of China in the Pacific is US$108, which is less than […]

Taipei Times: Talks held with US in Guatemala

The first quadrilateral talks between Taiwan, the US, Guatemala and Honduras took place on Tuesday in Guatemala during Minister of Foreign Affairs Joseph Wu’s (吳釗燮) visit to the nation’s Central American allies, Wu wrote on Twitter yesterday. … Their discussions focused on Taiwan and the US jointly promoting partnerships with Guatemala and Honduras in trade, […]

Ketagalan Media: Just in Time for Elections, Taiwan Welcomes a New Honduras Ambassador

On December 7, the Taiwan embassy in Honduras took to Facebook to congratulate Eny Yamileth Bautista Guevara, the new Honduran ambassador to Taiwan. In the post, the embassy encouraged Bautista to continue working to strengthen ties between Taiwan and Honduras, one of Taipei’s 15 remaining diplomatic allies. Bautista has since arrived in Taiwan in what […]

The Diplomat: Taiwan: The Tsai Doctrine

… Taiwan, however, has shaken off the Chinese pressure and bolstered its international presence. Tsai’s New Southbound Policy received a boost from the U.S.-China trade war; the president often touts its successes on the campaign trail. And Taiwan has gathered global support, especially from the United States, for its attempts to keep a hostile Beijing […]