The Scholar’s Stage: Fissures in the Facade

… That led directly to his third objection: The field is not fallow. The Russians had success in America precisely because American society is already in shambles. The Russians could fake Texas secession and Black Lives Matters accounts because significant numbers of Texan and black Americans have already endorsed radical attacks on America’s existing body […]

AP: China’s climate paradox: A leader in coal and clean energy

… Recent media reports and satellite images suggest that China is building or planning to complete new coal power plants with total capacity of 148 gigawatts — nearly equal to the entire coal-power capacity of the European Union within the next few years, according to an analysis by Global Energy Monitor, a San Francisco-based nonprofit. […]

ICIJ: CHINA CABLES Exposed: China’s Operating Manuals for Mass Internment and Arrest by Algorithm

A new leak of highly classified Chinese government documents has uncovered the operations manual for running the mass detention camps in Xinjiang and exposed the mechanics of the region’s Orwellian system of mass surveillance and “predictive policing.” The China Cables, obtained by the International Consortium of Investigative Journalists, include a classified list of guidelines, personally […]

Taiwan News: China requires face scan for new mobile users

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) – A regulation that requires Chinese citizens to scan their faces when registering new mobile phones came into effect on Sunday (Dec. 1), as Beijing works to ensure the identities of the country’s internet users. The Chinese government said the new rule, announced in September, is intended to “protect the legitimate rights […]

Taipei Times: Communist China and total control

… The fourth plenary session of the 19th CCP Central Committee, held in Beijing from Oct. 28 to 31, emphasized the importance of party leadership in the country’s governance, based on it and the people working together. To quote from the communique: “The system of socialism with Chinese characteristics is a scientific system developed by […]

CCP: Netizens launch bubble tea boycott campaign against secession-supporting brands

Chinese mainland internet users Wednesday launched a boycott of bubble tea brands that they accused of supporting secessionist forces in Hong Kong . The topic of a bubble tea boycott garnered over 230 million views and some 47,000 comments as of press time on China’s twitter-like platform Sina Weibo. Internet users accused the Taiwan-headquartered brand […]

The National Interest: Prepare for a More Authoritarian China

An array of autocratic policies has accompanied the growth and perpetuation of Xi’s personal authority. The government’s Orwellian “social-credit” system is used to restrict the travel and other rights of actual or potential critics. Prominent liberal economists, who once enjoyed Beijing’s favor or at least toleration, are now targets of growing campaigns of harassment. Only […]