A litany of bad behaviour by China–Taiwan Report News Brief transcript

Summary: China wants to poach young Taiwanese scientists. Government announces Chinese hacking uncovered. China accuses Taiwan of paying social media influencers. Taiwan Defense Ministry issues a warning to China. Chinese spy ship spotted off the east coast. Poll shows plurality willing to fight if China attacks. The US navy may have just sent a big […]

Tsai makes moves on Taiwan-US relations–Taiwan Report News Brief transcript

Summary: This is a big show solely focused on Taiwan-US relations, including the Chinese Communist mouthpiece Global Times speculates the US is planning to set up a consulate in Taiwan, Health Secretary Azar’s important visit, President Tsai is ramping up efforts to improve ties with the US and more tea leaf reading on Joe Biden’s […]

KMT reformers finally get some good news–Taiwan Report News Brief transcript

Summary: A minimum wage hike is planned, but is panned by businesses. Foxconn Chairman says China’s days as the world’s factory are over. Money is flowing back into Taiwan. Controls on Chinese investment to be tightened. Infighting in the KMT, but Johnny Chiang gets a big boost. But up first, lots of headlines. Headlines Taiwan […]

ICRT Weekly Central Taiwan News–transcript

TCM poisoning scandal continues to widen A third traditional Chinese medicine clinic has been added to the list of places prescribing medicines to patients containing highly toxic cinnabar and lead tetroxide, which had led to many cases of organ failure and could potentially be fatal.The number of people confirmed poisoned has risen to 28 as […]

Han Kuo-yu comes out for a KMT wet T-shirt event–Taiwan Report News Brief transcript

Summary: Welcome to the Kaohsiung mayoral byelection pre-election special. I watched the rallies so you didn’t have to, and the KMT’s turned out a mess. I also go into what to watch for in the results in Saturday’s byelection. But, up first, some headlines. Headlines Taiwan’s official statistics bureau has lowered its forecast for the […]

Donald Trump speaks out on Taiwan–Taiwan Report News Brief transcript

Summary: Tours to nowhere turn out to be surprisingly popular, go figure. Manufacturing is on the uptick. The Government touts their claimed success of Internet of Things policies. Small victory for an indigenous campaigner against the Taipei City Government. Environmental rally is held in Taichung, “tree men” and all. Former President Ma trashes the military’s […]

ICRT Weekly Central Taiwan News–transcript

TCM poison scandal spreads A second Taichung-based traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) clinic has been ordered to suspend business after city authorities found it had also allegedly prescribed drugs laced with heavy metals to patients.A court, meanwhile, has now ordered these two traditional Chinese medicine practitioners and one medicine dealer based in Taichung to be detained […]

Highest-level US visit to Taiwan since ‘79–Taiwan Report News Brief transcript

Summary: A businessman has been charged with violating the National Security Act. KMT youth propose major labour changes, and a 32-hour workweek. Taiwan’s drone fleet is taking off. The highest-level delegation from the US since 1979 shows promise. Two more foreign delegations show increasing support. Headlines The average temperature in Taiwan last month hit 30.2 […]