KMT reform: The backlash begins–Taiwan Report News Brief transcript

Snakeheads seized A criminal group that allegedly collaborated with Chinese “snakeheads,” or human smugglers, has been busted, according to the National Immigration Agency’s Border Affairs Corps.The sold Republic of China (ROC) passports to human traffickers in China, making a profit of about NT$20 million (US$674,309) over the past 12 months, Border Affairs Corps officials said.The […]

KMT reform special–Taiwan Report News Brief transcript

KMT reform committee releases their four-part report, a look at the function portions The KMT reform committee has released their four-part report.The first part is on cross-straits issues, and I’m going to go over that a little later in the show.Let’s take a look at the three parts that deal with practical organizational issues.The second […]