The Age: Recant or die: Alleged threat to self-confessed Chinese spy Wang Liqiang

A self-confessed Chinese intelligence operative seeking to defect to Australia was allegedly warned on Christmas Eve that he could be sent back to China and killed unless he publicly retracted his story. Wang Liqiang caused an international scandal in November when he told The Age, The Sydney Morning Herald and 60 Minutes that he had […]

FT: Taiwan: fears grow over China’s invasion threat

Concerns are building in both Taipei and in the US — the unofficial guarantor of the island’s security — that China could be moving closer to launching the attack which it has been threatening for 70 years. “Militarily, the other side has been doing [its] homework for a couple of decades. The threat is real,” […]

Focus News: Anti-infiltration Act won’t impede cross-Strait interactions: MAC

Taipei, Jan. 8 (CNA) The controversial Anti-infiltration Act, which criminalizes activities in Taiwan backed by hostile forces such as China, will not impede normal interactions across the Taiwan Strait, the head of the Mainland Affairs Council (MAC) said Wednesday. The act, passed by the legislature on Dec. 31, is aimed at “correcting” and normalizing” cross-Taiwan […]

Taiwan News: Whole Han clan planned to emigrate from Taiwan to Canada

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) — Kuomintang (KMT) presidential candidate Han Kuo-yu’s (韓國瑜) image took another hit on Wednesday (Jan. 8) when news broke that he and his family applied to emigrate to Canada just a year before running for mayor of Kaohsiung. On Wednesday, Next Magazine reported that after the family acquired a 26.6 ping (88 […]

Ketagalan Media: Han Kuo-yu’s Candidacy Might Be the End of Taiwan’s KMT as We Know It

With days to go before Taiwan votes in Saturday’s presidential and legislative elections, all indications are that President Tsai Ing-wen (蔡英文) is set to win a second term in the country’s highest office. Polls have been wrong before, of course, and Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) supporters should take the energetic support for Chinese Nationalist Party […]

Taiwan Insight: The Limits of Gender Bias in Perceptions of Candidates

Taiwan is notable in the region for its successful efforts towards gender parity for elected offices. The 2016 Legislative Yuan election resulted in women winning 38% of seats, comparable more to democracies in Northern Europe than other East Asian democracies. … Having Tsai Ing-wen in office has not only normalised women in the government, but […]

Focus Taiwan: Over 19.31 million eligible voters in upcoming elections

… The CEC said that 19,311,105 will be able to cast their ballots for president, with 1,000 more able to do so for legislators-at-large, due to a two-month difference in the residency requirement for the two elections. … In terms of age groups, 40-49 year-olds make up the largest voting bloc with 3.74 million eligible […]

Taipei Times: 2020 Elections Interview: Lai focused on need for a legislative majority

Liberty Times (LT): What do you think is the most important factor influencing these elections? William Lai (賴清德): There are a few things influencing these elections. First, Chinese President Xi Jinping (習近平) on Jan. 2 last year proposed a version of the “one country, two systems” framework intended for Taiwan. If there were people who […]