Taiwan News: Video shows KMT lawmakers stage ‘hand injury

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) — Video surfaced on Saturday (Dec. 7) that the much-ballyhooed “injury” suffered by a Kuomintang (KMT) lawmaker on Friday (Dec. 6) was clearly staged. On Friday a large group of KMT lawmakers swarmed outside the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MOFA) and tried to force themselves past past security officers. The KMT party […]

Donovan’s Quick Take: Hou You-yi relents and rallies with Han Kuo-yu

Until now, New Taipei Mayor Hou You-yi (侯友宜) of the KMT has been openly dismissive of presidential candidate Daniel Han Kuo-yu’s (韓國瑜) run for the presidency, stating he was too busy to attend Han’s campaign rallied or take up the post of campaign manager for New Taipei City because he claimed he was too busy […]

Reports: Ballot numbers picked for Taiwan Presidential tickets

This morning the Central Election Commission (CEC) held the drawing of lots for the numbers on the ballot for the presidential tickets.  Scoring number one on the ballot was the People’s First Party (PFP) ticket of James Soong (宋楚瑜) and VP candidate Yu Hsiang-deng (余湘等).  Number two on the ballot will be the Chinese Nationalist […]

The Scholar’s Stage: Fissures in the Facade

… That led directly to his third objection: The field is not fallow. The Russians had success in America precisely because American society is already in shambles. The Russians could fake Texas secession and Black Lives Matters accounts because significant numbers of Texan and black Americans have already endorsed radical attacks on America’s existing body […]

Taipei Times: Simon Cheng says he was tailed in Taipei

Simon Cheng (鄭文傑), a Hong Konger who was detained by China in August while employed by the British consulate in Hong Kong, on Saturday said that he had been followed by an “unknown person” while visiting Taiwan. Cheng, who was in Taiwan from Aug. 30 to Nov. 29, on Saturday told the Liberty Times (the […]

Taipei Times: Democracy termites must not be ignored

… China’s goal is clear: It wants to control national policy and find ways to win an effortless victory and colonize a country. In democracies, its goal is to influence politicians and the media, including traditional and social media. In traditional media, it uses advertising and requires media outlets to broadcast its material and use […]

Campus Times: Students hang Taiwanese flag beneath flag display

… Organized by senior Yaal Dryer and junior Mustapha Ibrahim, it was meant to “show support and solidarity” for the students affected by the administration’s reclassification of the Taiwanese and Hong Kong flags as “sub-national entities.”  This classification was changed to “other countries and regions” following controversy a few weeks ago. The event, Dryer said, […]

Taipei Times: China not trustworthy: ex-AIT director

… Despite China’s promise of a high degree of autonomy for Hong Kong for 50 years under the “one country, two systems” formula, the situation in Hong Kong over the past six months suggests a gradual collapse of autonomy, said Young, who served as US consul general to Hong Kong from 2010 to 2013. Taiwan […]