DW: German petition on Taiwan forces government to justify ‘one China’ policy

… To commemorate the 30th anniversary of the Tiananmen Square massacre in June 2019, Kreuzberg decided to make a statement for “small, courageous Taiwan.” He filed a petition with the German Parliament, the Bundestag, calling for Germany to establish formal diplomatic relations with Taiwan. According to German law, everyone has the right to submit a petition […]

Taiwan News: Let’s call out Xi Jinping as the dictator that he is

… Another anomaly is that in Chinese, the term is never used to refer to Xi. In simplified Mandarin, the word used to describe Xi is 习主席, which can be translated as Chairman Xi. His official role within the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) is General Secretary, and if there is any other CCP leader he […]

The Nation: Why Taiwan Won’t Welcome China’s Dissidents

… In 2016, a refugee law passed the first of three required floor readings in Taiwan’s legislature with support from both major parties. Taiwan is not a member of the United Nations, which only recognizes the People’s Republic of China, and has not signed the Refugee Convention; the law was seen as a step toward […]

Taiwan Insight: A Strong Democracy Is a Democracy Rooted In Communities

… Over the years, g0v contributors have “opened up” Taiwan’s antiquated government bureaucracy. They join their frustration to tear things down, optimism to make things together, and openness to share things to make themselves both protesters and collaborators. As protesters, these hackers made governments listen by demonstrating what is possible. Their demonstrations led to the […]

Taiwan’s KMT taking out loans to pay salaries (Donovan’s quick take)

The KMT’s woes are continuing to mount on pretty much all fronts, largely due to an institutional culture and product of that culture and current party Chairman Wu Den-yih. The KMT brought massive wealth to Taiwan from China in the late 1940s, seized many assets that belonged to Japanese colonial government after their surrender, and […]

Taiwan’s Frozen Garlic: Aggregated Presidential Polls

It still isn’t clear what the impact of Han’s call to ruin polling will be. We have had several new polls published this week, but (strangely) all but two conducted at least part of their interviewing in the days before Han’s statement. Only an Apple Daily and a Green Party poll are entirely in the […]

Focus Taiwan: Han pledges to develop southern Taiwan with focus on Kaohsiung

… Noting that the south still lacks a modern international airport, Han said “the vitality of southern Taiwan has not been developed. For a long time, the north has been valued at the expense of the south.” To correct this imbalance, Han said that presidential duties could be “remotely managed,” allowing him to spend time […]

Taipei Times: DPP ices KMT ‘anti-annexation’ bill

A motion sponsored by the Chinese Nationalist Party (KMT) legislative caucus to have its “anti-annexation” bill proceed to a second reading was struck down yesterday, sealing its fate. … The legislation, unveiled last week, states that any civil servant — including the president — who advocates renaming the ROC, changing its territory or dissolving, absorbing […]