UDN: Han fans counterattack: Recall action against Huang Jie reaches first stage target

A recall motion against New Power Party Kaohsiung City Councillor Huang Jie (黃捷), a vocal opponent of Kaohsiung Mayor Han Kuo-yu, has reportedly passed the first threshold according to a report by the United Daily News.  The recall was launched by fans of Mayor Han in response to the Wecare-led recall efforts against Han, which has already reached phase two.  According to the report, organizers as of Jan. 30 had already collected 2900 signatures, above the 2878 threshold required.  The first threshold is 1% of the 287,829 voters in her Fengshan District.  If the signatures are ratified, they will move to phase two, which requires reaching a 10% threshold, or 28,783 signatures.  Phase three is a recall vote by the general public, requiring 25% of the voting public to affirm, or 71,957 votes.

In related news, the recall Han campaign in just three days has collected over 80,000 signatures.  They have a target of 300,000 by Feb. 28.

Photo from Huang Jie’s Facebook page

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