The Star: Former China booster urges Ottawa to take tough measures against Beijing in ‘reset’ of relations

She said that given China’s detention of Canadians Michael Spavor and Michael Kovrig and the execution court rulings for Robert Schellenberg and Fan Wei for drug convictions, Ottawa must begin fighting back.

Her paper also argues Canada should consider withdrawing from China’s Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank and introduce legislation similar to Australia’s, meant to stem attempts by Beijing to influence Canada’s Chinese diaspora and politics.

“China’s interference in Western political systems is concerning,” reads the paper. “In Canada it can have the effect of bringing the allegiance of Chinese-Canadians more broadly into question, making them very real victims of the United Front Department campaign for influence in Canada.”

If China moves to charge Spavor, a China-based businessman, and Kovrig, a Canadian diplomat on leave, with espionage-related crimes Canada should consider using its Magnitsky legislation against Chinese officials, she said. The act enables Canada to impose sanctions against specific human rights abusers in foreign countries.

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