Taiwan Insight: Youth Votes and Youth Vision in Taiwan’s 2020 Presidential Election

Taiwanese youths are still brave. They set their eyes on Beijing, the larger target outside of Taiwan that is nevertheless the real dominating authority of Taiwan’s public policy and economic life. Thus these youths are fighting the die-hard enemy of Taiwanese people – China.

The primary reason that the younger generation preferred Tsai was because she campaigned on an anti-China stance and pressed the issue harder than anyone else. Tsai repeatedly expressed support for the Hong Kong protests. She increased purchases of military equipment from the US and actively joined its new China containment policy. She called for international support of minorities in Tibet and Xinjiang. She personally met with survivors of 1989 Tiananmen massacre. She proposed to Japan a top summit on security and defence issues. It seemed like Tsai had a checklist of how to anger Beijing and ticked off each item with joy. So Taiwan’s youths heard Tsai’s clear and loud anti-China voice, and they supported Tsai as an ally of Taiwan.

Young Taiwanese have every right to distance with China and to protect Taiwan’s achievement of democracy, independence, and prosperity. But they do need to figure out what great vision they are pursuing, what change they seek after this predictable and over-praised election.

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Youth Votes and Youth Vision in Taiwan’s 2020 Presidential Election

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