Taipei Times: TikTok drops ‘blunt’ bullying policy after report it hid posts

TikTok has dropped a “blunt” cyberbullying policy, the Chinese-owned video sharing app said yesterday after a report it hid posts by disabled, gay and overweight people.

People deemed “susceptible to harassment or cyberbullying based on their physical or mental condition” had the reach of their posts restricted, German Web site reported, citing leaked documents from Tiktok.

People with facial disfigurements, autism and Down syndrome were among those to have their posts dumped down TikTok’s algorithm so that others on the social network would not see them, the report said.

Gay and overweight people “also ended up on a list of ‘special users’ whose videos were regarded as a bullying risk by default and capped in their reach,” the report said.

Asked about the report, TikTok yesterday said it now recognized that “the approach was wrong” and added that it had dropped the policy.

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