Taipei Times: Team Gou does not exclude alliance

Gou, who returned to Taiwan on Wednesday, reportedly met with Ko and Wang since then, possibly to discuss a collaboration.

Asked whether the three could form an alliance, Amanda Liu (劉宥彤), a senior member of Gou’s campaign team for the Chinese Nationalist Party’s (KMT) presidential primary, did not exclude the possibility.

All three are important people with great influence, Liu told reporters.

“They can meet to talk about how to make the nation better and it does not necessarily have something to do with the elections,” she said.

“I am sure members of the public would be happy to see them collaborate if they can help make the nation better,” Liu added.

However, Gou has no plans to launch an independent presidential bid or join Ko’s new political party, she said.

While local Chinese-language media on Friday reported that Gou and Ko met that day, Liu said the two did not meet and only spoke briefly by telephone.

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