Taipei Times: Taiwan Asia’s best in equality: report

The Executive Yuan yesterday published this year’s Gender at a Glance report, which used indicators in the UN’s Gender Inequality Index and found that, if it were included in the index, Taiwan would be the top Asian nation in terms of gender equality and rank ninth in the world.

The results were derived after incorporating the five indicators of three areas of the index: health, empowerment and labor market, the Executive Yuan’s Gender Equality Committee said.

Overall, Taiwan would have scored 0.053 — with lower scores signaling greater equality — and ranked ninth worldwide had it been included in the index, outperforming some developed nations such as Germany (0.084) and Iceland (0.057), the committee said.

Switzerland was ranked highest in the gender equality index with a score of 0.037, followed by Denmark and Sweden sharing second at 0.040, it said.

The Netherlands was fourth at 0.041, the committee said, adding that South Korea was 11th at 0.058, Japan ranked 24th at 0.099 and China was 40th with 0.163.

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