Taipei Times: Tainan prosecutors indict retired army lieutenant, father

Prosecutors in Tainan have indicted retired army lieutenant colonel Cheng Chih-wen (鄭智文) and his father, Cheng Chao-ming (鄭昭明), chairman of the Labor Party, on charges of spying and recruiting other military personnel to work for China.

After receiving information in July, the prosecutors said that the conduct of the two men breached provisions of the National Security Act (國家安全法).

Evidence showed that they had contacts in China and had meetings in third countries with a Chinese intelligence officer surnamed Li (李) who works for a “united front” agency in China’s Fujian Province, the prosecutors said in a statement.

“For their own profit, the Chengs worked for a Chinese intelligence operation targeting Taiwan, helping to recruit Taiwanese military officers to develop a spy network,” the statement said. “This has severely undermined national security and caused a lot of damage to the morale and discipline of our armed forces.”

“China used numerous methods to infiltrate Taiwan and conduct espionage,” the Ministry of National Defense said in a statement. “The recent case shows that China has bolstered its efforts with many different channels and access, permeating all sectors of society.”

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