Taipei Times: NPP to be most affected by Ko’s new party: Huang

“Ko’s new party will have the biggest impact on the NPP,” Huang said on Facebook.

Nonetheless, he said he was happy to see the new party formed, because it is normal for political parties to have to compete for voters’ support.

As with every other new party, the TPP must stand up to public scrutiny in terms of the quality of its politicians, as well as its core values and platforms, the former NPP chairman said.

“It cannot simply rely on Ko’s personal charisma,” Huang said, adding that it would have to stand the test of time.

Meanwhile, NPP caucus whip Hsu Yung-ming (徐永明) said that the TPP lacked core values.

Ko saying that the TPP’s legislators would represent his will in the Legislative Yuan and the party allowing its members to have membership in other parties show that Ko has no core values, Hsu said on Facebook.

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