Taipei Times: Ko elected chairman at TPP founding

Ko said that the TPP was founded to change Taiwan’s political culture, as the ideological battle between the two major parties has left the nation in a rut and led to friction over the past two decades.

He said that his foremost principle is to promote the nation’s “general interests and the public’s maximum well-being.”

The biggest problem that Taiwanese politics has faced since 2000 is the destruction of the civil service system, because policies can be suddenly changed by political forces, without professional and technical discussions, unlike the past when there were technocrats, he said.

“While honesty and diligence should be basic requirements of government, they have become rare in today’s Taiwan,” he said, adding that the government needs to improve governance, regain the public’s trust and highlight the nation’s value to the world with a graft-free government.

Ko reiterated that he believes “Taiwanese values” are the implementation of universal values in Taiwan, including democracy, freedom, diversity, openness, rule of law, human rights, caring for the underprivileged and sustainable development.

“The TPP we established today is the coming together of ideas. We are not political leaders, but rather hope to become preachers of culture,” he said.

Public opinion, professional expertise and values are the three most important elements in decisionmaking, he added.

According to the party’s charter, the TPP conforms to the existing constitutional system and aims to strengthen national governance, enhance national interest and abolish corruption.

It will take a practical approach in foreign relations to ensure Taiwan’s survival and protect its sovereignty, it says.

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