Taipei Times: Ko: Cross-party relations is ‘new political thinking’

Having the state pay the cost of raising children up to six years old is possible, but the details of the policy must be laid out, because where the money is going to come from is a big problem, as well as whether wealthy families would be excluded, Ko said.

“A big problem is that Taiwan has too many hidden debts, such as labor insurance — and, frankly speaking, honesty is not a feature of Taiwanese politics,” Ko said.

The central government claims that the general budget was balanced, but how could that be if the hidden budgets of national defense or the Forward-looking Infrastructure Development Program were added in? he said.

The low birthrate is one of the biggest problems to solve over the next 30 years, Ko added.

Asked if he disagreed with Gou on several issues, Ko said that two people do not have to agree on everything to cooperate.

This could be a “new way of thinking in Taiwanese politics,” he added.

While politicians of the pan-blue or the pan-green camps often have to hide fellow party members’ improper behavior and objectionable opinions from the opposing party, his deputy mayors have been from the KMT, the Democratic Progressive Party and the People First Party — and they could all work together, Ko said.

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