Taipei Times: KMT picked the wrong man: Soong

“[Kaohsiung Mayor] Han [Kuo-yu (韓國瑜)] has neither the qualities nor the administrative experience to win the election,” Soong told political commentator Lan Hsuan (蘭萱) on her morning radio talk show.

Selecting Han as the KMT’s candidate was like “asking someone who cannot drive to drive on the freeways” or “asking someone who has never flown an airplane to operate an aircraft,” said Soong, who is also running for president.

The public should not trust their lives or the nation’s future to Han, he said.

He said Tsai, the Democratic Progressive Party’s (DPP) candidate, has lost strategic focus.

“Does she really think that the US would send troops to Taiwan and fight for our independence from China? We should avoid having a war. We should not provoke a war, but we should not fear a war,” Soong said.

“The DPP should know that our economy would suffer a great deal if we have zero contacts with the world’s second-largest economy,” he added.

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